where do i go with all this silence?

by Dayang Hafiqah

they leaves with the hurricane in their throats, you know, the one you fell in love with.
you know, the one you heard when they told you they loved you for the first time. 
the one you fell asleep listening to, the one with all the waves, all the shattering wind.
the one you heard even in the silence, the one that was brewing even when the both of you lost all you words. the one that spilled over when they cried, hiccuped in their chest and made you shiver with all its cold.

its kept you grounded, that storm of theirs. you'd run to it at the mention of alone.
it was load and overbearing and suffocating but it was so much like home.
it was upturning the houses, slamming doors until they break. 
it was telling you, they're leaving and they're never coming back.
it was hearing the door open the next morning, hearing the footsteps walk back in.

and you knew it was over when the quiet came. 
when you screamed so hard and heard nothing back. 
when you touched the chest and it was still.
when you tired to dig it up, slammed your hands against them.
when you told them you hated them and you couldn't heard the wind, when nothing was spinning.

you knew they stopped fighting for you then,
when the hurricane died in their throat, when all you heard is the calm..

there nothing left, the silence always remain..
and all you're got now was the empty feelings


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