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hey what's up what's up!!! it's been a while and this in my first post for this year! how's life? care to share it with me? don't be shy, i won't bite. hihi~  just send me anything and ask me question like you always do and i'll try to read it all and answer it one by one privately if you want me to. no worries..

speaking of life, let's talk about mine for a while or maybe for this post. i'm not that open btw but sometime maybe. LOL. need to bare that in mind guys in case someone ask you. 
so now, my life is so on the point right now, i don't have anything to say about it but i'm so busy about my work life as a nurse, thinking to re-change my profession but nahh, i still got 1 years contract with the government and than we'll see where do my life take me to, hah! just kidding~ but my friend always believe that i can go far from what i am right now, no offense and  don't take it personal orite?
okay, i'll also been busy spending my time with my cats and all the kittens, oh i wish you can see their cute little face. everytime if im alone or just having a bad day or something they know just how to cheer me up.. funny huh? but that's how its is. they love me to much :p
reading books, watching movies, dramas, bla bla bla.. i think i need to make my resolutions like seriously for this year!!! okay this is the real point of this post, sharing my resolution... well, it's not to late to share you my resolution since it's already half of the month but yeah, you know there's is nothing in this world that is too late for something....huh?? *what the hell am i saying* sigh! let's just ignore it

now! i'm gonna list down all of my resolution below, seriously, no judgement, no offense. got that? okay then let's start!

1. i need to spend my money wisely for a good things and not for wasted things
- i mean come on! i am actually a very generous person, i spend my money for a good things but when its come to beautiful things, make up, or food especially im doomed and im being a selfish person !!!! everything seem so tempting and the worst part is that i could buy everything that i want and guess what, i did not touch or use the things that i buy. no! it's not fair for me. need to change this cause im going to travel a lot later *hopefully*

2. spending my time alone often
- i mean not alone by person or what, i need to spend my spiritual more than my time singing, making IG story or work. i need this, reading my Quran often after my every prayer instead only after Isya' . okay, i'll try my best in doing this but yeah, i'm just a human being and i'm still doing my best to achieve that level. 

3. lose a small amount of weight
- okay this things must be done! i gain a lot of weight and missed track my diet. i gain a lot this year! like OMG! what happen to me, LOL! actually I don't care because I don't have anyone to impress but myself so I love myself enough to eat whatever I want. but NO! oh please eqah! this have to stop. lose a weight please this year not too much but you must. make yourself proud okay? do your 3 years ago routine and suffer yourself! *just a joke* but no its not! 

4. control my diet and run a lot
- running a lot and have a healthy food. yeah, this is just a resolution but gosh, everything seem to be so tempting! okay, if i can't control my diet, i make a deal to myself, if i eat a lot, i have to run 2 times more than what i eat. okay! this must been done! you know you can eqah! LOL!

5. find a boyfriend and get married!!!!
- okay this one i'll take it seriously for this year. i'll find myself a boy that really care and ready to take care for me and then get married! so, if you think you're the one please come and voice yourself out and go meet my parents and we'll think about what's the next step that we'll take together okay? 

okay that's all from me and the resolution that i have to make this year! *hopefully* if i've to top up my resolution later, i'll let you know okay? feel free to share me yours! 
see you in my next post, hah! till next time!

xoxo, eqah! 

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it is a battle in the mind which takes its toll in one's soul and body
well, it's always comes and goes..
you don't know when it will strike or when it will stop..
you may find yourself feeling good and joyful in one moment,
then forlorn and gloomy the next..

sometimes, a trigger is the culprit but there are times that you feel
anxious for no reason at all..
you keep telling yourself that it's all in the mind
and that the mind is strong enough to conquer the situation
but actually you often lose the battle..

you end up having sleepless and crying nights..
you feel lonely, miserable and alone..
you feel worthless and you being thinking that no one cares for you

but hey, never ever give up!!
do not give up!!

no matter how hopeless the situation may be
it will always end at some point..
maybe today or tomorrow or anytime soon

it will definitely end, i promise you that..
you just have to be strong to endure it all.

do not limit yourself! 
try to be with friends and maybe loves one
instead pushing them away..

do not always bring yourself down 
instead lift them up!
find new things to do to distract you from having
anxiety thoughts!!!

try new hobbies, go to some places..
don't ever feel that you're alone
because the truth is you're not!

learn to ask help from other people who are close to your heart
surrounding yourself with good people and focus on positivity

so, if you allow anxiety turn your life upside down, 
then half of the battle is already lost!

believe in yourself and have faith in everything.
remember, all good things come to those who are willing to wait :)

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Deep Woman

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The deeper you are, the harder it becomes for you to find someone who wants to have a relationship with you. You can go out on a lot of dates but at some point the relationship fails to progress any further and that is mainly because of the intensity of your depth. Not every man is strong enough to handle a deep woman. Here’s why:

1. A deep woman asks deep questions. A deep woman will probe further into your life and ask questions that you may not be prepared to answer. Even on the first date, she will dig deeper and ask personal and philosophical questions – she will never enjoy a shallow conversation.

2. A deep woman is honest. Too honest – often blunt. A deep woman takes her integrity seriously and one thing she believes in is honesty. If you ask her anything, she will tell you the truth and she expects the same from you.

3. A deep woman knows what she wants. Or who she wants. A deep woman knows right away if she likes you and doesn’t need to date around or explore her other options to be sure of her feelings. Her heart only beats for a special few people and she knows them right away.

4. A deep woman wants a deep relationship. She wants long conversations about your life, she wants to hear stories about your past, she wants to understand your pain and she wants to add value to your life. She wants a real relationship that goes beyond going out and having fun.

5. A deep woman is not afraid of intimacy. She is not afraid of getting closer or risking getting hurt in the process. She doesn’t think it will entrap her freedom or make her vulnerable. Her depth and intimacy go hand in hand and she will always cherish the beauty of intimacy in relationships.

6. A deep woman sees through you. She can see who you really are and what makes you vulnerable. She is not the one to hold back from pointing out what she sees in you or how well she can read you. Even though it makes you uncomfortable, she wants you to know that she understands you and that you can be yourself around her.

7. A deep woman craves consistency. She gets turned off by inconsistency or flaky behavior. She desires a strong connection and a solid bond and she knows that consistency is the foundation of that bond. A deep woman will not participate in the dating games.

8. A deep woman is intense. She may be slightly intimidating because she brings intensity to everything she does. Her emotions are intense and so are her thoughts. She will never be indifferent about things that matter to her – not everyone is strong enough to handle her intensity.

9. A deep woman only knows how to love deeply. If you can’t love her deeply, she will walk away. She doesn’t know how to casually date someone she’s really into or be friends with someone she has feelings for. A deep woman knows when someone can’t meet her halfway and she will slowly detach herself from anyone who is not willing to give her the deep love she is looking for.

10. A deep woman won’t wait for you. She will not wait for you to make up your mind or watch you be hesitant about her. She is strong and passionate and will not waste her emotions on someone who doesn’t appreciate their depth. Even though she is looking for a special kind of love, a deep woman is not afraid of being on her own. - copyright from thoughtcatalog 

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where do i go with all this silence?

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they leaves with the hurricane in their throats, you know, the one you fell in love with.
you know, the one you heard when they told you they loved you for the first time. 
the one you fell asleep listening to, the one with all the waves, all the shattering wind.
the one you heard even in the silence, the one that was brewing even when the both of you lost all you words. the one that spilled over when they cried, hiccuped in their chest and made you shiver with all its cold.

its kept you grounded, that storm of theirs. you'd run to it at the mention of alone.
it was load and overbearing and suffocating but it was so much like home.
it was upturning the houses, slamming doors until they break. 
it was telling you, they're leaving and they're never coming back.
it was hearing the door open the next morning, hearing the footsteps walk back in.

and you knew it was over when the quiet came. 
when you screamed so hard and heard nothing back. 
when you touched the chest and it was still.
when you tired to dig it up, slammed your hands against them.
when you told them you hated them and you couldn't heard the wind, when nothing was spinning.

you knew they stopped fighting for you then,
when the hurricane died in their throat, when all you heard is the calm..

there nothing left, the silence always remain..
and all you're got now was the empty feelings


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my new cover by Smule 29/11/2016

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hi guys.. its been a while now..
im quite busy these day. gosh, where should i begin..
theres a lot of this that happen to me in this years
thank to that i became the real me that i appeared today
yeah thats not what i want to talk about in this blog..

ive make my new cover last week i guess
so i want to share my videos to you guys
nahh, im not really good now because my throat got injured a bit 
but still i can sing.. do u got SMule?
 do follow me there okay? heres my ID eqahashim
feel free to follow..

okay now thats all for today.. thanks for reading my come back post :*
i love you all!

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