the past! missing you!

by Dayang Hafiqah

assalammualaiku wbt.

it's been a long time I didn't update my blog. fuh! actually I really don't have anything in mind. the word LAZY always playing in my mind for sure. ONLY that word. haha. okay. now I had something to share. nothing much. only a story from my PAST. yup! my past! 

I was so busy searching some songs for download and something catch my mind. yeah! I really don't know what songs should I download. actually, I don't know the latest songs. suddenly, I opened someone profile on FACEBOOK!  I miss that face, totally! I miss that face very much!

from that, I got an idea. I wanted to searched some songs from my past! the songs that made us know each other more. hm! my past is the best past ever. okay! let me story about that face a bit. we met went I'm fourteen years old. that face thought me a lot of things. that face  made me knew how to be loved and what is love. eww~ *NO LOVE STORY*

okay, now I really don't know where to start. too many memories between us. there's sweet memories and also bad memories. I still remember then it was 'that face' birthday's, I didn't wanted to wish it because that day I felt very angry. maybe I was on PMS. haha! too bad huh? yeah! 

I also remember how we used to ride a bike together. I almost felt from the bike and you hurried catch me. haha. I still remember how you smiled at me and told that I looked cute when I laughed. we settled together if we had conversations and problems and we also cried together if we were sad.

how sweet right? but now look at us! we never talk with each other just like strangers. I know. maybe it's my fault because I being rude to you. I'M SORRY! I didn't mean it actually. like I said, maybe I was in the middle of PMS. HAHA! ^^

but actually I miss you. the moment we had, I will never forget, although we lost contact when I was in form 5. anyway, I hope you had a great time with your friends and also family. hoping you're fine out there and wherever you are. 


(: keep that in mind :)

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